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The industry leaders in the highest precision tooling with four decades of experience and cutting-edge technology.

Delivering High-Quality Tooling Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Bull's-Eye Precision is your partner in high-precision tooling and mold making. We are the industry leaders with over 75+ years of combined experience, technology, and high-quality materials.
Mirror Polish

Carbide Grinding

We offer precision grinding services for carbide tooling. Customers can send their parts to be ground to final dimensions, resulting in a consistent surface finish.

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Steel Tooling

We offer a complete range of steel tooling capabilities, including design, prototyping, manufacturing, and production. We use advanced technology and machinery to deliver precise and customized solutions on time and within budget.


We offer complete mold services, from assisting with drawings to reworking existing molds, to provide our clients with high-quality, customized solutions.

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Customer Service

We provide excellent customer service that challenges the status quo, processing orders quickly and effectively, minimizing downtime, and keeping the production process running smoothly.

Why Choose Us

Increased Efficiency

Achieve Final Dimensions Our precision grinding services help you achieve final dimensions, reducing the need for additional machining or finishing.

Tailored Solutions

Meet Your Needs
Our custom tool design service creates tailored solutions that meet your needs, ensuring you achieve optimal results.

Cost Savings

Fix Instead of Replace
Our tool repair service saves you money by fixing instead of replacing tooling. Our maintenance service prevents issues and maximizes lifespan.

Improved Quality

Precision and Consistency
Our high-quality tool manufacturing produces tungsten carbide tooling with precision and consistency, leading to better product quality and efficiency.

About Bull'sEye Precision

At Bull’s-Eye Precision, we produce some of the highest quality tungsten carbide tooling in the manufacturing industry. Our goal is to help our customers achieve consistent, precise results with excellence. We believe that the process of sourcing tooling should seamlessly integrate into your overall production goals, and we make this happen daily by delivering a level of service that challenges the status quo.

Client Testimonials

“Bulls Eye Precision has been such a vital company for our business, both in building new molds for us and also repairing damaged ones.”
"Bulls Eye Precision is a critical part of our supply group. They offer us high quality product and great customer service. They continually improve on internal processes in order to provide the best possible product and service to their customers. We truly value our relationship with the amazing group of people at Bulls Eye"
“I have had nothing but good experiences with Bulls Eye Precision. They have always been there for us and exceed all of our expectations.”